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Feng Shui Consultation with Interior Design
Feng Shui Color Consultation

Exterior walls

Exterior walls

A sunset view is art.

Feng Shui Consultation with Interior Design

Your home or office represents who you are and you need to take care of it. It requires a leaking plumbing pipe repaired, an old carpet changed, or a deteriorated roof re-roofed. Your home or working space also needs good Chi flow. By maintaining or improving Chi flow, you will benefit from connecting your environment to your inner self and that makes you feel good about yourself.

Feng shui colors for Interior and / or Exterior

Interior colors - Colors affect your feelings. Color selected by the use of the room helps Chi flowing.

- Use colors strategically for the purpose of your business.
- Colors can help your client relax, energize, or be comfortable in your office.

Exterior colors - Exterior colors give a first impression of the character of people who live there or the type of business. Chi flows smoothly where exterior colors harmonize with the surrounding area.

- Colors can help identify your business, get attention from your potential clients, and invite them in to your office.

Colors are shown in computer 3D rendering to help envision the entire view

Feng shui is design / environment psychology

Chi, atmospheric energy, is not visible but you feel it. Feelings come from your inner self. Home Esteem uses form school feng shui and intuitive feng shui® to personalize your home or office. In addition to using the form school feng shui and Intuitive feng shui®, Miyoko whose background is Communication with an MA degree asserts that feng shui is design / environment psychology that affects your communication skills. The environment is “non-verbal communication” in which without verbal communication it powerfully influences your emotions.

Form school feng shui is the oldest feng shui that does not use a compass. Form school feng shui examines Chi flowing by observing forms such as shapes or configurations.

Intuitive feng shui® is a modern approach of feng shui and is registered by Mr. William Spear, an internationally recognized feng shui consultant. Mr. Spear asserts that today's feng shui is not merely a literal meaning of feng shui "wind and water" but uses intuition, instinct, and creativity to create your environment for your sensitivity.

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