Home Esteem's Feng Shui is Green!
Environmentally friendly /simple / minimal

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Interior design improves your home

Creating positive energy flow by arranging existing furniture, exercising psychological effects of colors, and applying Japanese simplicity.

- Space Planning -
Save your money by using existing furniture and items
Balance size and number of furniture in the given space
Create good in-door air quality and sustain amount of daylight coming in

- Color Coordinate -
Select colors for a purpose of the room and occupants
Apply a visual effect on walls, bedding, room objects, etc.

- Recommend the theme of objects in the room-
Shapes, sizes, materials, textures, etc.
- -
and more

Use of the existing bedding and curtain. Rearranged the placement of the bed became an attractive bedroom

Red brings strength and vivid energy in a quiet room of a studious couple