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Please call 503-236-3393 or
e-mail: info@home-esteem.com

Feng Shui Consultation with Interior Design / Aging-in-Place / Colors

We practice Intuitive feng shui and Form school feng shui. We interpret feng shui is design / environment psychology
    Two tiers of consultations:
  • Basic: One time consultation. No documentation or follow up.
  • Comprehensive: Graphic documentation and one free follow up. The records are kept for a year. During this time if you have any questions within the scope of consultation, we answer them with an additional fee.

  • For more information,
    please e-mail info@home-esteem.com or call 503-236-3393

    Example of Basic Consultation

    Comprehensive includes Basic consultation and

    1. self-evaluation form
    2. follow up
    3. graphic documentation.(Seeing is believing. We provide graphics but not written documents.)
    4. answering your question(s) with an additional fee for a year. (limited in a scope of the consultation)

    A consultation fee is case by case but generally:

  • the number of rooms and spaces* (*spaces are the area where consultation is applied)
  • square footage of the house or apartment
  • the complexity of architecture
  • If you live in a retirement home, please contact Home Esteem to discuss a discounted fee.

  • Purifying

    For a case of death, injury, divorce, or other stagnated Chi in a room, a purifying space ritual is offered. A fee for purifying space depends on the number of rooms to purify.


  • We offer small group feng shui interior design workshops. Please see
    Workshop for fees and dates.
  • Workshops on Healthy Home for Healthy Aging with Feng Shui, please
    contact Home Esteem.

  • Other

  • Please ask Home Esteem for your needs
  • Japanese influenced space / room, retail stores, reception areas, etc.