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Please call 503-236-3393 or
e-mail: info@home-esteem.com

Feng Shui Consultation with Interior Design

  • We practice Intuitive feng shui and Form school feng shui
  • The Bagua map is used
  • Service fees are based on the number of rooms

  • Computer 3D rendering service is an option.
  • Fees depend on the complexity of architecture
  • Computer 3D rendering helps you envision the entire room / space
  • Computer 3D rendering will be kept for future consultations

  • Feng Shui Color Consultation

  • Interior colors and / or exterior colors
  • Colors will be applied to computer 3D rendering
  • Computer 3D rendering helps envision the entire room / space / exterior
  • Fees depend on the complexity of architecture and the number of rooms

  • Procedures

    1. You provide the floor plan of your home or office
    2. Telephone interview for personal information
    3. Onsite consultation


  • We offer small group feng shui interior design workshops. Please see
    Workshop for fees and dates.
  • Workshops on Healthy Home for Healthy Aging with Feng Shui, please
    contact Home Esteem.

  • Other

  • Please ask Home Esteem for your needs
  • Japanese influenced space / room, retail stores, reception areas, etc.

  • For more information,
    please e-mail info@home-esteem.com or call 503-236-3393