Dynamism of Feng Shui


The name of the beauty salon is Boston Cutters and is located in the heart of Hawthorne Blvd, Portland Oregon. The owner, Karin, wanted the exterior color more appealing than the existing color, rusty red. Since Karin related "cutter" as hair cut and as an old sailing ship, I researched Boston's famous ship "Old Ironsides" and found the ship's colors black, white, and red.

Black is the ship's hull, a white strip encompasses the ship's cannon portholes and a red strip is at the lower part of the hull. The Salon's black square windows in a row would be the cannon portholes on the ship.

In Feng Shui, black is strong determination as well as we know black is chic and cosmopolitan. Red is prosperity and happiness for the successful business of the salon. White implies cleanliness and honesty at the center of the façade.

computer 3D helps the client visualize the outcome

Japanese Style
A bedroom is a personal space. A screen used as a headboard makes the bed one of a kind. Further, it is easy to change it to a different headboard when you want a change.
Lighting is magic to an atmosphere. This low height, indirect light placed behind a shoji screen welcomes guests and helps the guests to relax.